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The most important step to take before you start house hunting is to know your purchasing power. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a house that ends up being out of your budget. Or even worse, not be able to close your loan while in escrow.
We’ll give you a full loan approval before you start your search, subject only to an appraisal.
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Best Price Guarantee

We want to make sure you get the best loan possible. If another lender has a more competitive price, send us their loan estimate within 3 business days from the date on the loan estimate, and we’ll beat it. It’s that simple.

How the Process Works


Loan Application

We’ll go over your financials and discuss your goals. While the loan application can be processed as fast as a couple of days, we suggest getting started as early as possible. Ideally a month before starting your home search.

Discuss Options

We’ll discuss all the options in detail. If the desired loan scenario is not achieved, we’ll guide you to the path of getting there.


We’ll arm you with your maximum purchasing power and work with your Realtor in helping to secure your dream home.

Loans to Consider

These are some of the most common loans used for home financing, although there are many more loan options that are available for borrowers with different qualifying criteria.

80/15 Combo Loan

The combination of two mortgages designed to eliminate the need for private mortgage insurance (PMI), while allowing the borrower to secure financing with as little as 5% down-payment, without going FHA or VA.

3% Down Conventional

Purchase a home with as little as 3% down.  This is a great alternative to FHA as it does not require an Up-Front Mortgage Insurance fee, a savings of 1.75% of the loan amount.

5% Down Jumbo

A great option for first-time home buyers looking to buy in high cost areas.  In California, loans above $765,600 are considered Jumbo.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

This loan is specific for investment properties and allows buyers to qualify for a purchase loan on an investment property, using only the rental income of the subject property.


Government sponsored loans that allow home buyers to buy with as little as 3.5% down with FHA and Zero down with VA.

10% Down Stated

A great option for self-employed buyers.  No tax returns required and as little as 10% down and no monthly mortgage insurance payments.

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Great Experience with Loan Professors in Tarzana, CA
Moe and Michael are extremely professional and helped us Refinance our HELOC Loan to a Low Interest 30 Year Fixed. The process was Fast and we "Closed On Time!"
Would Highly recommend Loan Professors for New Home Loan or Refinance when your Bank of many years tells you "No Thanks"

Ted L.Refinance

"Our loan officer, MOE GHAZI, was extremely responsive and knowledgeable, and our loan was processed quickly and accurately. A great experience. He was always available to answer our questions and went above and beyond to help make this process go smoothly.

Edith EInvestment Property

Can't recommend them highly enough! We had a pretty crazy situation going for us as we went through this process and it made the world of difference to have this team on our side. Not only were they professional, and knew what they were doing, they were also empathetic and went above and beyond. We got an amazing deal at the end and have since referred family members to Loan Professors.

Amir A.Buyer, Investment Property

Great service!! Worked with Moe and went above and beyond. Awesome guy to work with and makes it easy for you. Thank you Moe!!

Gilbert P.Home Buyer