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Burbank, CA

In Los Angeles County lies the San Fernando valley. In the southeastern end of it is the city of Burbank. It is bordered by Glendale, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, and Griffith Park. The estimated population as of 2019 is 102,511. The total area for Burbank is about 17.4 square miles.

In the 1920’s the industry for motion pictures started growing. After many establishments over the years Burbank developed the Media District on the south edge of Burbank. It is home to Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, NBC and Cartoon Network Studios. The Media District even homes the Conan O’Brian Show too. The top studio with the greatest amount of employees in Burbank is the Warner Brothers Studio with 4,900 employees as of 2016.

There are several significant places in Burbank. There are of coarse are many studios to visit but there is much more than just that. Burbank homes two museums which are Gordon R. Howard Museum and Martial Arts History Museum. This neighborhood also homes 3 libraries. Two libraries are public and the other library is the Southern California Genealogical Society Library. Burbank also houses 6 different fire stations for neighborhoods.

To travel through and in/out of Burbank many commuters use vehicles. There is an airport called the Hollywood Burbank Airport. This airport actually has a curfew for departures and arrivals during 10pm to 7am in courtesy of the neighborhood residents. Commuters have access to transportation as well with Metrolink and Amtrak which provide services through downtown and other areas of Los Angeles. Burbank also offers its own transportation system with the Burbank Bus. There is a California High Speed Rail route in the works as of now and this will also include a stop in downtown Burbank.

In Burbank lies the Burbank Unified School District. Within Burbank many elementary, middle and high schools can be found. Some of these are public while others are private. There are a few community colleges and trade schools located in Burbank that help serve the entertainment industry. Woodbury University is the largest university in Burbank. The schools within Burbank rank high scores above average state and national testing. A popular area, which is a drive away from Burbank, is Santa Monica, CA.

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