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Self-Employed...Investor...Complex Financials...

And Looking For a Loan?

We specialize in finding the best mortgage solutions for self-employed individuals, investors, and others that may have a hard time qualifying using conventional methods.
And because of that… we’re pretty good at conventional loans too.

Who We Are

We are a mortgage brokerage firm that has a long history of working with individuals who have unconventional employment circumstances.

Combining technology, with earned knowledge from countless successful mortgage transactions and access to 100+ wholesale lenders, Loan Professors has developed a unique skill in helping clients secure mortgage loans using alternative methods. Methods such as using Bank Statements, Business Profit & Loss Statements, 1099s, and Property Cash-Flow all the way to having ZERO income or employment verification, help our clients secure the best financing scenario available.







How it Works.

Financing a home doesn’t have to be so complicated. We’ll walk you through the process so that you’re educated on your options and armed with a pre-approved loan right when you need it most.

Apply Online

Apply online in minutes using our simple online form which includes basic information about your financials.

Mortgage Quote

We’ll provide you with a quote, or two, reflecting the best terms & programs available for your scenario based on the info provided.

Get Approved

Once a program is selected, we’ll finalize the loan application and work on your loan approval or pre-approval.

Close Your Loan

With approval in hand, you’ll be able to close on your property in as little as 21 days.

Our Top Wholesale Lenders

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We’ll let you know which loan is best for you.

These are some of the most common loans used for home financing and some ALTERNATE options that do not require tax returns.


A non-government loan that is typically fixed in its terms and rate. The most common type of mortgage (i.e., Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac).


We offer many loan options for self-employed individuals who don’t have sufficient income on their tax returns. Check out our ALTERNATE INCOME pricing page.


Jumbo loans are loan amounts above county conforming limits. We offer many Jumbo loan options up to $10M.


If you’re looking for an investment property, we have great options that do not verify income/employment. Check out the Investor Cash-Flow program in our ALTRENATE INCOME pricing page.


FHA and VA offer government mortgage loans that have features that make them easier for first-time homebuyers to obtain.


We offer conventional renovation loans for homeowners without any experience to new construction loans for experienced developers and everything in between.

Chat with one of our Loan Specialists Today.

We’re available Monday to Friday to answer your questions!

Michael and the LP Financial Team are amazing! I have nothing but great things to say about Moe and Michael! They helped us to quickly and efficiently navigate a complex personal mortgage scenario in order to purchase our first home in the USA. Not only were they extremely helpful throughout the entire process - constantly communicating, answering all ...

Grant from Agoura Hills, CAFirst Home Purchase

Absolutely Amazing! WOW! Working with Michael was an amazing and smooth experience, he went above and beyond to close our purchase... He's available 24/7 and answered every question we had. We are definitely recommending him and Loan Professors to everyone we know.

Monica VargasHome Purchase

After having Bad Experiences with both C and QL, LP Financial came through 100% It was a Fast, Simple and Professional Process / Transaction with "No False Promises" Moe and Michael at LP Financial are both extremely knowledgeable and will "Get Your Loan or Refinance Closed"! We would Highly Recommend ...


I got my new home financing through Loan Professors. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful, both Mo and Michael were. I had the constraints of a short escrow and they made it happen!

Icree84uHome Purchase