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North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

In the San Fernando Valley region is North Hollywood. This city was established in 1887 with it’s the first name being Toluca then to Lankershim the finally landing the North Hollywood name. It is surrounded by Sun Valley, Toluca Lake, Burbank, and Studio City. The area is on the opposite side of the 405 a leap and bound from Calabasas. The estimated population of North Hollywood is 87,241. This neighborhood is considered to be moderately diverse.

Within the streets of North Hollywood there a several different notable places. North Hollywood has the Academy of Television Arts and Science, Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, and Universal Studios. Universal Studios actually shares its borders with both Hollywood and North Hollywood. It also has the Chandler Murals, The Japanese Garden, Boney Island, Griffith Observatory, Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, and many more restaurants and theaters.

Within the North Hollywood borders, there are 12 public schools and 10 private schools. These schools range from elementary to high school. The North Hollywood area holds a high percentage rate of residents that have not received a high school diploma.

Transportation in North Hollywood is pretty straight to the point. Many commuters use vehicles while others use bicycles and some use public transportation. For public transportation this city has the North Hollywood Metro Subway station and across the street is the Metro G Line bus rapid transit. The subway connects commuters to Koreatown, Hollywood, East Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles, and Westlake.

North Hollywood also has two recreation centers. These include The North Hollywood Recreation Center and The Valley Plaza Recreation Center. The North Hollywood Recreation center has a variety of things for people to enjoy. It has an indoor baseball field that is lighted, outdoors baseball field, an auditorium, outdoor basketball courts, handball courts, children’s play area, a seasonal outdoor pool, tennis courts, and picnic tables. The Valley Plaza Recreation Center has lots to offer as well. It has a baseball diamond, auditorium, barbecue pits, children’s play area, outdoor basketball courts, football field, a community room that can hold 40 people, indoor and outdoor gymnasiums that have no weights, tennis courts, volleyball courts and picnic tables. Both of these recreational centers can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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