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Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA

Van Nuys was founded in 1911. It is in the central part of the San Fernando Valley. Van Nuys is surrounded by the North Hills, Panorama City, Valley Glen, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Sepulveda Basin, Lake Balboa, and Northridge. The estimated population is 136,443.

When it comes to transportation Van Nuys takes a step in every direction. The 25th busiest airport is located in Van Nuys and is called Van Nuys Airport. Van Nuys also has two Metro G line stations which are the Van Nuys and Sepulveda. This area also has Metrolink and Amtrak in service. There are plans for the East San Fernando Light Rail line to start being built in 2021 and plans for it to be in effect by 2027.

There are a couple of different recreational parks and centers in the area. The Van Nuys Recreation Area is a beloved favorite of many. It gymnasium that can hold 420 people, an auditorium, a community and multipurpose room, barbecue pits, baseball diamonds, a children’s play area, basketball court which are lighted outdoors, tennis courts, soccer field, handball courts, an indoor gymnasium that has no weights and picnic tables. Van Nuys also shares a park with the Sherman Oaks area. This park is called The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park.

Van Nuys currently has 13 public schools and 7 private schools. Academically many of the schools a prestigious in their testing scores. There is a local library that is currently being renovated but is part of the Los Angeles Public Library. It is called the Van Nuys Branch Library.

Van Nuys is home to the Valley Presbyterian Hospital which was founded in 1958. They have room for a total of 350 beds for patients. This hospital accepts emergencies as well as pediatric care. Southern California Hospital is also located in Van Nuys. However, this is a psychiatric facility and does not handle emergency services.

Van Nuys isn’t only home for healthcare professionals but also home to many celebrities and significant places. One noteworthy place that resides here is the Sound City Studios. This studio has helped many artists including Barry Manilow, Fleetwood Mac, Kid Rock, Everclear, Fallout Boy, and many more.

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